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What it's for:  This tool helps you plan which countries to get patent protection in. Most of the data was obtained from the "CIA Factbook".
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Notes on the territories planner:

This tool has data on various territories which the user may require patent
protection in. By choosing from the options provided you can obtain
information which may assist your decisions on which territories to obtain
protection in.

For consumer products this is likely to include the US, several EU territories
such as the UK, France, Germany and Italy (Either directly or via the EPO),
quite possibly Japan, and (depending on budgetary considerations) more EU
nations and common-wealth countries (E.g. Australia, Canada or New
Zealand), and perhaps other nations such as South Korea & Argentina.

Generally speaking for all but the most valuable inventions, (or those which the
backers are certain to make into house-hold products world-wide) it is not
necessary to obtain protection in all or even most countries. Having the most
important countries will be enough to protect your investment, and in some
cases will prevent potential competitors from entering the market at all. Even a
brief look at the patently protected fee estimator will assure you that worldwide
protection is not to be undertaken lightly.

Industrial products and processes are best protected in the places where they
will be bought or used.

GCC nations are important for Petroleum

Aripo and Oapi relate to respectively English speaking and French speaking
African countries.

Aerospace and Shipping products: Note that in many nations products and
processes of a visiting ship/plane might be immune to infringing patents.
Investigate obtaining protection where the parts are manufactured or

Generally in other cases it is not necessary to obtain protection in the country
of manufacture - however a patent in China
might have an effect on those who
wish to manufacture either for countries outside your protection, or for illegal
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