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View GB0418935.3 A robot for permitting internet based users to interact virtually
and have face to face conversations with attendees at a trade show. This
business aid allows social networking without requiring physical attendance.

View GB0409273.0 A video conferencing aid to allow apparent face-to-face contact
for placement in front of a computer monitor having a holographic mirror effect
such that a web-cam pointed at it from a desk observes an image of a user such
that a remote user receives images of the user face-on (rather than seeming to
look away from the camera all the time). The hologram also blocks light from the
visual display getting to the web-cam. The aid typically requires software for
mirror-imaging the images and removing unwanted effects in various ways.

View GB0409270.6 A network based 3D virtual environment having multiple sites
which are tradable between users. Users can create objects, images and even
virtual buildings which may offer services and products which may be comparable
to those offered by Internet web pages. Site ownership may form topic based
clustering, retail value of each site is controlled by the market as each users
seeks to maximise traffic and does so by 'setting up shop' in areas where users
may be interested in their site. Trade may be of ownership, rights to a site, or
exchange of control of rented sites.

View GB0403151.4 A method of generating a simulation of sound transfer between
several users of a network based 3D virtual environment involving creating
sound regions with ambient sound streams - reducing a required processing rate
to enable a server to reassemble sound streams to provide the 3D real time
sound simulation.

View GB0406658.5 A data cable (E.g. USB) controlled mains power masterplug or
power block for controllably transmitting AC power to several devices, including
switching mechanisms to provide default manual control, and software to control
(E.g. household) devices via a user interface.

View GB0403492.2 Use of a data cable such as a USB cable to remotely control a
mains powered light switch such as a dimmer switch which may be a wall switch
including manual control and defaulting to manual control. In the case of a USB
cable controlling a wall dimmer switch this may involve digital manipulation of a
triode. Software for controlling lights according to user's preferences, switching
mechanisms to permit dual control as well as safe default to manual control are
also described.

View GB0401108.6 Use of hyperlinks to the Internet within specifically network based
3D virtual environments (E.g. on a surface of a virtual object, or being a virtual

View GB0403151.4 A method for making a portable device (such as a cell phone with
a camera) work as a barcode scanner to decode printed barcode messages
including 2D and multicolor 2D barcodes. Such barcodes for objects (such as
business cards and advertisements) to be read by such devices, which may
encode contact information  -  thus allowing a widely owned device to extract
essential information instantaneously from a piece of paper.

View A program and method for reducing Spam email. An email provider identifies
websites which incident Spam directs the email provider's users to. User's
computers read the list and download data from the websites. This introduces a
relationship between organising for Spam to be sent to the email provider and a
cost of maintaining websites which obtain traffic via Spam. Thus Spam may be
discouraged from being sent especially if this activity or list is published.

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