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This page contains an abbreviated, abridged, paraphrased, and incorrect version of various IP
omitting important sections. It could be useful for a quick review of the law, it could also be
useful to quickly identify sections of relevance.

should not and must not be used as a legal reference and is not legal advice. ALWAYS consult
an actual copy of the relevant statute, and seek professional legal advice before deciding a course of

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Copyright, Designs and Jurisdictions:
Registered Designs Act 1949
Copyright, designs and patents Act 1988
Copyright Order 1989
Copyright in Databases Regulation 1997
Brussels Convention on jurisdiction 1968

Trade Marks and Domains:
Trade Marks Act 1994
Trade Mark Rules 2000
Madrid Protocol 1989
Common Law on Passing Off
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy 1999

Patents and Plant Varieties:
Patents Act 1977
European Patent Convention
Protocol on the Interpretation of Article 69 of the EPC
UPOV Convention

Competition Law:
Treaty establishing the European Community 1957
Council Regulation 1/2003 on the implementation of a81 & a82 of the treaty
Application of 81(3) to vertical agreements Regulation 2790/99
Application of 81(3) to technology transfer agreements Regulation 772/2004

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