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International Patentees will need several patent applications during their first 12 months (The priority
period during which subsequent applications can be back-dated to the date of the first). In
exceptional circumstances there may be applications later than the priority period, and sometimes
there may be more than one priority application.

This tool allows you to enter patent filings and dates - and it will provide rough projections of your
expenditures for the following two decades.

To avoid slow running of this tool, keep the renewals hidden.

Advanced Settings

Select the option which most relates to your technology or invention. Electronics/Software
adds 20% to any drafting costs & Chemical/Biotech adds 30%.

Drafting difficulty: If you feel able to judge the difficulty of drafting compared to other patents in the
industry, change this setting which modifies drafting costs to 40% 70% 100% 130% or 160%.

Agency: This setting modifies all agency fees (not translations) to 100% 150% 200% or 250%.

Prosecution Difficulty: All this does is change the number of examination responses to 1 2 or 3.

Small Entity: This relates to the US and Indian patent offices. An applicant who declares himself to
be a small entity is generally an individual rather than a firm.

PCT Discount: This is a 75% discount on certain PCT official fees. As a general rule it is only
available to applicants from developing countries. Full details can be found at

Currency: Enter your currency and exchange rate - but leave the renewals costs in pounds.

Renewals Tarriff: The fee that your service provider (or patent agency) charges for paying renewal
fees in addition to the actual renewal fee. If you will be or are paying all your renewal fees yourself
then enter "0" in this box.

EU Translations: If the EPO grants your application you will need to obtain and file translations as
necessary so that there is a suitable version available for each country chosen. Some countries
have languages in common, and some have more than one official language (E.g Switzerland). The
number of translations will of course have a strong correlation with the number of countries you need
protection in.

Pages for translation: Enter the number of pages of normal text which will need to be translated.
Chemical or mathematical formulae, Genetic sequences, tables of data, as well as pages of
diagrams should be excluded from this number.

Renewals, Translations, Responses: With these controls you can choose to show or hide the
costs in the Payment Schedule. With the Exclude option the costs will also not show up in the
Expenses column.

Delete Item: Only major items can be deleted (Those in black or red).

Important: Don't forget that this is not an accurate tool. It should only be used for getting an idea of
the costs involved and ball-park figures. There are a wealth of items it does not take into account.
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