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1) Innovation indicators: great ideas, caution points, warnings, concern areas
2) Could you get a patent?
3) Is your idea new?
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To get to the 'making money' stage you are very likely to need funding, and to
get investors interested you will need:
A) a new idea and a business plan that are difficult to fault;
B) to have filed for a patent;
C) to be able to display confidence that it is likely to be granted; and
D) not to have told anyone your idea except through a confidential disclosure

Patenting is not an easy or cheap process, so to avoid wasting your time and
money - follow these simple steps:

1) Use our tips and pointers to identify strengths & weaknesses in your
Great ideas
Caution points
Concern aeas

2) Use our eligibility flow chart to help you determine whether you are likely to
be eligible for patent protection.

3) Use our guide to patent searching to see whether you are likely to be able
to get patent protection for it.

4) Use our general patents information page and general business
information page bring you up to speed on issues which affect innovators.

Warning: Nothing in these documents constitutes legal advice. Talk to a
business advisor and an intellectual property advisor in your country before
taking any action or making any decisions.
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Always check with your IP consultant.

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