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What it's for:
This tool helps you find
patent agents/attorneys
whose interests are
aligned with yours. In
the UK it also tells you
how close you are to
their nearest branch.

How to use it:
Enter your requirements
in the form -
hold the
control button to select
multiple competences

If you request agencies
with more than one
country there may be no
results. (The only
common combination
is the UK and Germany)
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this tool
Notes on the agent finder.

This database lists patent agents, internationally but mainly in the UK. The results are
ranked according to the extent to which their interests are aligned with yours in terms
of the size of client they like to deal with and technology area.

Many larger patent agencies have no technology preferences, but almost all will have
preferred types of client, and by working with a well-matched agency you will be more
likely to meet each other's expectations in fees, methods of invoicing, value added
and respective levels of competence.

The distance from your postcode does not affect the ranking, but does reflect the
distance to their nearest branch rather than their main branch.

Selecting multiple competences may help narrow down your search but don't add
requirements needlessly, as agencies who offer more services are likely to be more
corporate oriented and may charge more.

Selecting multiple countries is unlikely to find many agencies - the only common
combination is the UK and Germany.

The data on the interests of the listed patent agencies is either based on our
perceptions of them at, or because they have notified us of
their interests. Each agent gets a ranking for each category, and these are
"normalised" in that agencies have the same ranking on average.

If you think your agency is inaccurately reflected, or want to notify us of changed
priorities, please
contact us and tell us so.
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