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What it's for:
This tool helps you
forecast the costs
associated with a
patent family.

It is
NOT an accurate
tool, and is only
suitable for obtaining
ball-park figures.

How to use it:
Enter your planned
patent filings using
the form.

(Include 'national
phase' filings)
N.B. Using Firefox browser the values may come up with question marks.
These should be British pound signs, and this can be corrected by editing the currency field.


This is a tool which makes rough projections of your patenting costs based on your
input of which territories you might want protection in.

Try clicking "Add" - the projected, itemised and cumulative costs of drafting,
pursuing and maintaining your patent application are displayed.

With 12 months of your start date you might want other protection or procedures
such as a PCT or "international" patent application. Make and add your selection
and this tool will generate revised forecasts.

Notes on the Fee Estimator:

Firstly don't forget that this tool is not accurate, and it omits consideration of a raft
of issues. It is intended only to be useful to obtain ball-park figures for helping a
user gain an impression of the patenting industry.

Keep the renewals hidden to avoid slow tool operation.
Settings help.

Remember that obtaining worldwide patent protection is rarely recommended,
even for multinational corporations. Patenting strategy is always based on a cost
benefit decision as to whether the extra territories are worth the extra expense.

The projected costs extend to 20 years from filing which is the typical length of
patents. Pharmaceutical and Agricultural compositions may often be eligible for an
extension of protection for a few years to compensate for delays in regulatory
approval. Details vary greatly by territory.

Patents are sometimes not maintained for the full 20 years because in most
countries the renewal fees scale upwards with the passing years. The reason for
this is that it is generally considered that if patent protection is not sufficiently
desirable to the applicant, then he should be increasingly encouraged to permit
everyone else to use the invention.

See the notes on the country planner regarding which territories you might want
protection in.
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